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Alaris Linwave designs and manufactures microwave/RF components and subsystems in a seamless “concept to finished product” process. A full test and measurement capability extends to 94GHz and allows our manufacturing team to produce value-added products designed to exceed customer expectations. Linwave’s design team utilises state-of-the-art microwave simulation tools for circuit modelling and optimisation to provide the robust product solutions our customers demand.

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Our engineered integrated solutions provide top tier customers with options to add functionality and performance for enhanced systems performance for key SWaP advantages (size weight power). Unique bespoke solutions need close working relationships.

We excel at close collaboration to ensure project scope is understood and can be delivered effectively allowing our OEM customers to utilise External Enterprise Engineering (E3) solutions with minimal risk.

The Linwave Story

Founded in 2003

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Linwave Technology Formed
  • MBO from Celeritek UK
  • 5 Founder Members and MM
  • Strong Engineering background in RF and Microwave Technology
Satcom Groundstation
ISO9001 Accreditation
  • Basic ERP system in place
  • Grown to 9 employees
  • Start of Satellite Comms focus
Cleanroom Expansion
Cleanroom Expansion
  • Transfer of diode business
  • LEMs established
  • Significant headcount increase
Stirlin Developments
Move to new site
  • 11,00 square foot
  • Purpose Built
  • Expansion space
SC21 Award

First Bronze Award

ISO Transitions
  • ISO14001:2015
  • ISO 9001: 2015
AS9100D Accreditation

First Aerospace Standard Award

Alaris Acquisition Linwave join the Alaris Group

Laboratory Research
Our Vision

To serve our customers as RF and Microwave technical solution specialists. Utilising our expertise, agile approach, and flexibility, we deliver the optimal solution for the end application.

Our skills

Alaris Linwave a trusted expert in External Engineered Enterprise Solutions

RF & Microwave design and manufacturing capability Card Image
RF & Microwave Design and Manufacturing Capability

Within the supply chain – Linwave specialise in supporting Tier 2 Integrated sub systems, Tier 3 Modules, and chip level components. We define our customers typically as Original equipment manufacturers for mission systems or wider product solutions.

Ultra High Frequency Experience Card Image
Ultra-High Frequency Experience

Linwave have supported numerous projects operating at excess of 77GHz. W band applications require the ability to work with bare die and understand the limitations of small wavelengths.

Custom MMIC Hybrid Solutions Card Image
Custom MMIC Hybrid Solutions

Linwave Technology offers custom MMIC solutions. Linwave has the ability to package MMIC devices that are currently only available as die hence making a much wider range of components available. This service is available to MMIC manufacturers or to end users who only have access to SMT manufacturing.

Design of Housings & Hermetic Enclosures Card Image
Design of Housing & Hermetic Enclosures

One of the key aspects of custom module design is the choice of environmental protection for the application. Selection of the package or enclosure is the primary consideration for ease of interfacing with the system but also protection to ensure long term service life.

Harsh Environment Design Proving Card Image
Harsh Environment Design Proving

We have a unique range of products working in high reliability applications around the world. These range from the depths of Naval submarines and elevations of high-altitude avionics, to Road and Marine navigation safety; communication via satellite; and enabling latest medical therapies.

Integration of Embedded Software Card Image
Integration of Embedded Software

In many microwave assembly solutions there is a requirement for some form of embedded digital control. Linwave implements interfaces to its products ranging from minimal RS232 to fully integrated communication protocols such as Ethernet or CanBus.

Automated Testing & Programming Capability Card Image
Automated Testing & Programming Capability

Linwave offers an ATE programming service. Our significant experience of programming RF test and automation applications allows us to offer our customers value-added product integration and production test solutions.

Product GUIs and support Capability Card Image
Product GUI’s & Support Capability

Graphical User Interfaces can be provided for customer test interfacing or for product field implementation. These can vary from the test implementation support for system integration to full user interface for end customer testing.

Obsolescence Re-engineering & management Card Image
Obsolescence Re-engineering & Management

Obsolescence issues are becoming more common in the RF world due to both the rapidly advancing nature of semiconductor processing driving changes to fabrication methods and production capacity, and the ongoing mergers and acquisition activity in the market-place leading to a wholesale review of the profitability of semiconductor product portfolios.

Fast Prototyping Capability Card Image
Fast Prototyping Capability

Linwave can respond to fast turn requirements using our internal pcb router for fast turn cct evaluation. Once RF performance needs are established we have a sub-contract partnerships that can supply metalwork to our CAD designs in days, combined with fast turn pcb for RF and electronic ccts. Boards can be assembled internally or via one of fast turn sub-con partners where needed.

New Product Introduction (NPI) Process Management Card Image
New Product Introduction (NPI) Process Management

Supply of custom solutions benefits from an efficient new product introduction process, enabling Linwave to follow a structured path that starts with a launch review to capture the key requirements and ensure they are in line with expectations. Design and contractual parameters are confirmed and recorded. At this point key risks to managed are initially defined.

Group structure

The Alaris Group forms part of a larger group of entities as seen here.

Our work gets noticed

Our work and company have received numerous awards and accreditations which puts us ahead in the industries we serve. Linwave provides world-class work and will continue to do so. Read more about our accreditations below.

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Policies & Certifications

If you are experiencing issues with any of our products and you have been unable to correct the problem, please contact Linwave on (+44) 1522 681811 or email [email protected]

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