Ka Band Block Upconverter (BUC) 27.5 to 30GHz, 2W


The LW30-797776 is a high performance power BUC with an integral GaN power amplifier. The design allows for flexibility in the customers’ requirements with a number of additional features being available. Extended temperature range and harsh environment models are also available. Please contact factory for alternative connector and frequency options.

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Input Frequency range 950 to 1950 MHz
ACPR at MOP (8PSK, 1Msps,a=0.2) 1.2MHz integration bandwidth, 1.2MHz offset from centre frequency -20dBc
Gain ripple over frequency (1GHz band, fixed temp at MOP 3dB p-p
Gain ripple over temperature (fixed frequency at MOP) 3dB p-p
Gain Control range (IF input attenuator) 20dB
Spurious Outputs (Signal related in band -60dBc
Spurious Outputs (LO leakage -45dBc
Power Consumption at MOP (+24V supply) 38W

    Product Applications

  • Secure Communications
  • Repeaters, extenders and boosters
  • Low probability of interception
  • Broadcast

    Design Features

  • IESS 308/309 compliant Adjustable gain Temperature compensated GUI controlled (RS-422 protocol) iDirect OpenBMIP™ Standard compatible Integral high performance output filtering