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Reduced footprint

Reduce your footprint – working from bare die up to minimise size.

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Enhance your system performance – integrate functionality to optimise Size, Weight and Power.

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Software & hardware

Enhance your system performance – integrate functionality to optimise Size, Weight and Power.

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Define and capture detailed requirements for best system improvements.

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Production application sectors

We specialise in a range of sectors as seen listed here.
Each sector has a core set of products. Select here to find out more.

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Microwave and RF components are located across all aspects of Defence Market - Airborne, Naval & Land. Defence is a major part of Linwave heritage, with our experience tracking some of the early advances in Microwave Technology for magnetrons and transmit-receive tubes at English Electric Valve and AEI in Lincoln from as far back as the early 1950's.

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Satellite Comms

Satellite communications seem to be the natural solution for true global reach, from mobile connections for low level data logging to immediate feeds of HD video from harsh environments. Applications challenges are driving new technology to increase data-rates, increase mobility of delivery (satcom on the move) and improve inter-operability to other networks.

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Our products find their way into numerous industrial applications, such as in 77GHz FMCW radars for Smart Motorways, Perimeter Surveillance and Foreign Object Detection (FOD) on airport runways and our Gunn didoes are used for speed measurement applications for both law enforcement and at sporting events.

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Alaris Linwave have a great heritage in support of high reliability applications. Within the marine sector this has been applied to products such as Radar Beacons that alert shipping to local hazards. Our skill sets are also suitable for navigation radar components and communications equipment.

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The medical and healthcare market has seen explosive growth in the use of RF and Microwave technology in multiple applications. Whilst historically finding predominant application in equipment such as MRI scanners, the use of specialist RF technology at frequencies above UHF is quickly growing in exciting new areas such as tumour ablation and skin treatments.

Areas of expertise and application

These are the market segments we operate in.

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    Satellite Communication

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    Security & Defence

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Reliable engineering takes many forms

Within the supply chain – Linwave specialise in supporting Tier 2 Integrated sub systems, Tier 3 Modules, and chip level components. We define our customers typically as Original equipment manufacturers for mission systems or wider product solutions.

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